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I promised “special blogs” during this last week of Joyful, but yesterday got away from me.

My alarm was set for 4:30am (though I unfortunately woke up at 4am), and I was hopping from plane to plane, three total, throughout the day.

I’d planned to work on Joyful and my final New Year’s blog, but when I opened my laptop I found an article I’d started for my magazine that I hadn’t finished or submitted, and I decided that took precedent. And once I landed, Sheri picked me up and we hit the town.

My Joyful moment was getting to cross off her bucket list items by going to The Eddy and The Dorrance (while Nick was working)–we had so much fun! Perhaps being thirty- to forty thousand feet in the air, coming down, and going up again –three times– leant itself to easy intoxication, but 2.5 cocktails did me in. At The Eddy I had a drink made with Jenever, which was exciting to me because during the Global Scavenger Hunt I went to the Jenever bar in Belgium as it was one of our scavenges. It was quite good, but sweeter than I imagined. Sheri had a Moscow Mule -type drink (the words “gin gin” appeared in it) but it came in a copper cup and she approved. Once we found out Nick was working, however, we took a short cut through an alley that I never knew was there and arrived at the Dorrance, plenty of bar seats to accommodate us.

Nick, whom I’ve written about before, was in top form. He created two new cocktails last night, one called “Jenny from the Block” (my criteria was that I wanted a smokey drink, and it was smokey and delicious) and one called “Sheeeri Baby” (Sheri’s only criteria was that it not have tequila). Later, after I’d already wandered off to stalk, I mean say hello to, my friend Flavio*, Nick poured a group of girls espresso martinis and I loudly commented that espresso martinis are the best ever in the world. Sheri had already made a pot of coffee that evening, at 5pm, so she was not as enthusiastic as me. And much to my surprise, Nick poured me a glass, which was SO GOOD, but I was already a few sheets to the wind, so caffeinated Sheri drank the rest for me.

I have to say I feel like I’ve already rung in the New Year.


I’m thankful to live in a place that welcomes me home like this, to have friends such as these to enjoy bars such as these, and that on a cold and snowy night, I felt nothing but warmth.

Sheri, doing her Yelp Elite duties Sheri, doing her Yelp Elite duties Nick the master bartender and my newly crafted “Jenny from the Block” I definitely don't remember taking this picture I definitely don’t remember taking this picture