Hi friends.

As we near the end of this yearlong journey together, these entries are getting shorter, mostly because I haven’t slept more than four hours a night these last few days, and I need to keep exposition to a minimum.

However: there will be one final newsletter coming out on New Year’s Day and I hope to make it a special one for you all. It’s been such an amazing trip around the sun, and I’m blessed to have had you there with me. So…I will address lessons learned and reflections and projections and goodbyes later.

For now: the joyful moment may have been seeing the Alpine Village Suite room that my dad gifted me for Christmas to share with my friend Sarah. We road tripped to Taos, NM (not currently snowy as pictured, but theoretically) and we had an amazing dinner and I mayyyy have eaten winning gelato.

(My phone died during the drive, so it was on the charger instead of with me to take pictures.)

Here is an idea of what our place looks like.

It’s a loft!  It’s a loft!

There’s a memory foam mattress on my bed and I’m soooo excited to pass out. We hot tubbed, we ate, we drank, we played a board game.

Thanks, Daddy, for the generous gift.

Photo credits: cover photo and hotel