I had burritos again today, with extra red chile. This time my mom came, too. Part of what made it so joyful was getting to run all over town (at least the west side of it) pre-burrito.  

By run, I mean literally run. It was sunny and 30 degrees, which in New Mexico feels more like 45 degrees on the east coast, so it was crisp but nice. I had some nostalgia while running the route I used to take in between undergrad and graduate school, and I felt as if I were channeling the old Jenny—so many memories. 

Then there was catching up with my 12th grade English teacher, who also happened to be my graduate school thesis reader, my writing mentor and workshop leader, my teacher supervisor, and my friend. She promised that when my Thassos book is finished, if I can’t find a publisher or agent, she would publish my book. “I’m a fan,” she said, which was the highest of compliments. 

I also saw my childhood best friend whom I haven’t seen in years. Today was the first time I met her husband—they’ve been married for nine years—as well as her children (the oldest is four). It was so good to connect after so long. She and I had more inside jokes growing up than is normal, and I once found a letter we’d written to each other. It’s totally nonsensical because 90% relates to an inside joke. 

Thats how you know true friendship: you have your own language.  

Lastly, seeing Pitch Perfect 3 with my parents, but not because it was an exceptionally good movie, but because my twin* had a significant role in it (unlike #2) and I live vicariously through her characters.  

*Anna Kendrick

oh oh oh! And showing my mom videos from Thassos. I don’t think she’s ever seen any before, and it was fun to share the dances and the music nights that I so often talk/write about.